Clinical immunologist consultation

The Allergy Clinic Drauge offers comprehensive consultations for children and adults by allergists and clinical immunologists. Allergists-clinical immunologists will evaluate the functioning of your immune system, if necessary, accurately diagnose the causes of its disorders, prescribe effective treatment and make professional recommendations.

Clinical immunologist consultation
< class="title no-push">When to consult a specialist?

Do you often suffer from colds? This may be a warning that your immune system, that protects your body, is weakened. You should contact a specialist who will evaluate your immune system and determine if you need treatment if:

– You have had pneumonia 2 times in a year,
– 4 cases of ear infections per year,
– you have had a cold 6 or more times a year

< class="title no-push">What to expect?

The goal of our doctors is to identify what weakens your particular immune system and to correct the disorders and activity of the immune system by certain means in order to bring it back to its original level. When you arrive for your consultation, you will receive exceptional attention, a sincere conversation with your doctor, a careful consideration of your complaints, a thorough examination, modern tests, evaluation of their results and a treatment selected personally for you.

< class="title no-push">Why is it important to consult a specialist?

The immune system is a system that encompasses many organs and tissues. Only an experienced immunologist can find out which part of your immune system is affected and, once he gathers your thorough medical history, performs the necessary tests and assesses your general health, can determine the exact cause of the problem. After a thorough examination, the specialist will prescribe effective treatment that will significantly improve the quality of your life.



Diamine oxidase (DAO)


Histamine Determination Blood Test


Serum Tryptase Test


IgA subclases (IgA, IgA1, IgA2)


IgA Immunoglobulin A


Complement C3


Determination of Coenzyme Q10


Vitamin B12


Active vitamin B12


Omega 3/6 fatty acid analysis (concentration, ratio in erythrocyte membrane)


Folic acid


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