Algirda Krisiukeniene MD, PhD

Allergist-clinical immunologist, paediatric allergist

I am Algirda Krisiukėnienė, an allergist-clinical immunologist with more than 20 years of experience, Doctor of Biomedical Sciences, founder, and head of the clinic Drauge.

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Algirda Krisiukeniene MD, PhD

About me

I apply the principles of modern allergology in my work, therefore, my priority is a complete good physical and emotional well-being of a person. I take a holistic approach to health, viewing allergic diseases not as isolated but as closely related to the overall health of the body as a whole.


I know that understanding the disease makes people’s lives much easier and more comfortable, so my aim is to give you a close insight into your disease, to teach you how to control it, so that you no longer must fear it, limit your life, give up your favourite things. I offer you and your loved ones a personalised diagnosis and treatment to ensure that, with understanding and a clear course of action, you can live a full life without being hindered by your illness.


I speak Lithuanian, English, German, Russian.

Allergies and illnesses are chronic and accompany us throughout our lives. It is impossible to recover from them, and especially to recover quickly. My mission is to help you manage your illness and live a full life. That is why I always strive to identify the exact problem and offer personalised solutions that allow you to achieve the best results for each of you. Establishing a long-term relationship and communication based on mutual trust helps to create a targeted personalised pathway, enabling us to move forward together in comfort.

I am the author or co-author of more than 60 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals, I give scientific presentations and share my experience with physicians and scientists at international congresses and scientific conferences both abroad and in Lithuania.

Member of the Board of the Lithuanian Society of Pulmonology and Allergology.


Member of the Board and co-founder of the Lithuanian Catholic Medical Association Gaja, LSMU. I am the initiator and participant of the assistance campaign “Lunch at home” for older residents of Kaunas.

– Lithuanian Society of Pulmonology and Allergology

– Member of the Lithuanian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

– European Academy of Allergology and Clinical Immunology EAACI.

– European Respiratory Society (ERS).

– Global Allergy & Asthma European Network (GA2LEN).

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