Your family allergist

We will offer you personalised diagnosis and treatment for allergic diseases, helping you and your family to manage the disease and move forward together.

Your family allergist

Allergic diseases are hereditary. In Lithuania alone, 85% of allergic diseases are familial – if parents suffer from them, their children often do too. However, it is important to realise that allergic disease is not a sentence. It must not prevent you from living, resting, exercising, or enjoying other favourite activities. You can do this by having a regular, reliable partner – a specialist doctor who knows you and your illness, and a permanent medical facility where you feel safe.

When you have an allergic disease, a single specialist consultation is not enough – continuous monitoring is essential to ensure the best possible quality of life. Our allergy clinic is a place where you and your loved ones will always be welcomed by a specialist who knows not only your health history, but also that of your family, and who can be consulted at any time on any questions you may have, and who will provide you with prompt, professional help.

Our priority is your complete physical and emotional well-being. We know that understanding your illness can make your life much more comfortable. That’s why our clinic team’s goal is to give you a close understanding of your disease, to teach you how to control it so that you no longer have to fear it, limit your life, or worry about your children’s health.

Our mission is to make sure that, with understanding and a clear course of action, you and your family can live a full life, without being hindered by your illness. Trust your health and the health of your loved ones to the experienced allergy specialists at Drauge Allergy Clinic, who are ready to travel through life together with your illness, and always feel safe and confident!

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